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Horde 32 Rising Spirit
StartMangletooth [45, 59]
EndMangletooth [45, 59]
Requires Level 15
CategoryThe Barrens
PreviousBlood Shards of Agamaggan

Objectives Edit

Bring 4 Blood Shards to Mangletooth in Camp Taurajo in the Barrens.

You will need:

Description Edit

Warriors of all types <snort> have need of a strong spirit. It drives you to greater feats when all hope has been lost. This is not unknown to the <snort> Razormane. We are a spiritual tribe--we are more proud of our connection to Agamaggan than our prowess <snort> in battle.

Bring me 4 blood shards and I will bless your spirit for battle. <snort>

Reward Edit

You will receive the Rising Spirit buff: +25 Spirit for 30 minutes.

Completion Edit

Our greatest warriors, and our greatest <snort> shamans would envy your will, <race>.

Defeat more of the Bristlebacks knowing that they cannot stop you! <snort>

Quest progressionEdit

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