Objectives Edit

General Gorlok at the lighthouse in Venture Bay wants you to destroy the Alliance Lumber Boat.

General Gorlok will only be present at the lighthouse when the Horde has it in their possession.

  • Destroyed Alliance Lumber Shipment

Description Edit

You there, <race>! Get your lousy carcass over here!

The Alliance have a shipment of lumber all ready for transport just northeast of here. Since getting our hands on that wood is out of the question, there's only one thing to do - destroy it!

The goblin at the end of the dock here has some torpedoes all ready to go. He's got all the fuel for them on the docked goblin ship.

Get some fuel, then commandeer one of the torpedoes and ride it into their ship.


Rewards Edit

You will receive:
Inv misc coin 16
10x [Venture Coin]
5Gold 60Silver


Has that Alliance lumber been burned yet, <class>?


Ha hah! What a ride, eh <class>?

If we can't control the resources here, then no one can!

When will those puny Alliance pests realize that they are no match for the might of the Horde?

Gains Edit


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