Speak to Raider Jhash to get a ride to Razor Hill. Once there, speak with Gar'thok.


We gotta pass the word on to Razor Hill. These humans may be defeated today, but tomorrow they'll come again, and when they do, we'll need help from the orcs.

Speak with Jhash, outside the gates of Sen'jin. He'll give you a ride to Razor Hill. His wolves know the path well.


That troll wants us to send help? Bah, he can forget it. I've got my own human problems to worry about, and even those are the least of my worries right now.

Sen'jin Village is right next to Echo Isles and the Valley of Trials. Old Gadrin should find plenty of youngbloods to help him with his human infestation.


You will receive: 35Copper

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