The Rokk needs you to gather an unusual ingredient to make a special meal for the guest of honor at a party tonight - that ingredient is revenge!


In order to complete this quest, you must have at least a Cooking skill of 275 and either a flying mount or someone to summon you to Skettis so you can get a Giant Kaliri Wing (quest item), which only drops off the Monstrous Kaliri found there.


The Rokk in Lower City has asked you to cook up some Kaliri Stew using his cooking pot. Return to him when it's done.


I'm providing the catering for some unusual party guests tonight. One of these fellows was flying around in Skettis and got knocked to the ground by a monstrous kaliri--his leg was broken badly.

They've requested something special for his get well party: [Kaliri Stew].

I can loan you my cooking pot so you can whip up a batch of stew for me. The recipe itself is simple, but you'll need to get a [giant kaliri wing] and some cooked [warp burgers].


If you read the tooltip for the [Cooking Pot] the Rokk gives you, it says that to make Kaliri Stew you need 1x [Giant Kaliri Wing] and 3x [warp burgers].

Once you have the ingredients, use the [Cooking Pot] at a cooking fire to make the Kaliri Stew.


Do I smell something tasty?

Required items:


Oh, I do smell something tasty! I hope you gave that bird quite a beating.

Please, help yourself to some of my extra stock. I'm sure someone of your talent could put it to good use.


You will receive 7Gold 59Silver.

You will be able to choose one of these rewards:
Inv cask 01
Inv crate 05


This quest was added with patch 2.3.

Either quest reward contains random raw food (fish or meat) and might also include one of the following recipes:

Average Drop Rates
Item [Barrel of Fish] [Crate of Meat]
[Recipe: Spicy Hot Talbuk] 18.1%
[Recipe: Broiled Bloodfin] 14.8%
[Recipe: Skullfish Soup] 13.9%
[Recipe: Kibler's Bits] 5.2% 7.4%
[Recipe: Stormchops] 3.5% 3.4%
[Recipe: Delicious Chocolate Cake] 2.3% 2.8%
[Recipe: Captain Rumsey's Lager]

You might want to pick up the Quest:Fires Over Skettis daily quest while you are doing this daily cooking quest, as it is in the same general area.

Exonfang has a Video Guide detailing how to complete this quest:

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