Details Edit

Who: Laurna Morninglight
Region: Dolanaar
Zone: Teldrassil
Kingdom: Darnassus

Task Edit

Laurna Morninglight: "Hello again. I know you've been busy aiding our people, but you must take some time for yourself also. Priestess Alathea sent someone here looking for you. It seems that you've caught the attention of our elders and they feel you are prepared for greater things. Head to the Temple of the Moon in Darnassus and look for Alathea there. She will be waiting. Good luck, and may Elune be with you."

Speak to Priestess Alathea in Darnassus.

Completion Edit

Priestess Alathea: "Wonderful, you've returned home. It always pleases Tyrande and myself when those we've trained go out into the world and return to us safely. How have things been with you? Does Elune still bless your travels? Perhaps after we speak more about the business at hand you could tell me more of your travels."

Notes Edit

This is a priest class-specific quest. It is only available to night elves. The next step is Alliance 15 Ui-charactercreate-classes priest [10] Stars of Elune.

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