Quest:Return to the Abyssal Shelf (Horde)

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Horde 32 Return to the Abyssal Shelf
StartWing Commander Brack
EndWing Commander Brack
Requires Level 58
CategoryHellfire Peninsula

Objectives Edit

Wing Commander Brack at Reaver's Fall in Hellfire Peninsula has asked that you destroy 20 Gan'arg Peons, 5 Mo'arg Overseers and 5 Fel Cannons.

Description Edit

<name>, are you ready for another sortie over the Abyssal Shelf? I fear that, if we do not maintain pressure on the Legion forces there and allow them to strengthen their hold, then we may suffer a large demon attack from the north.

What say you, <class>? Do you want to take another windrider and hammer the Abyssal Shelf one more time?

Progress Edit

The Legion must not think they are safe high atop the Abyssal Shelf. We must hit them repeatably!

Completion Edit

The other windrider pilots speak highly of you, <name>. You've scored quite a lot of kills on the Abyssal Shelf. Keep up the good works!

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