Objectives Edit

Gryphoneer Windbellow at Shatter Point in Hellfire Peninsula has asked that you destroy 20 Gan'arg Peons, 5 Mo'arg Overseers and 5 Fel Cannons.

Description Edit

<name>, you've proven yourself as a capable gryphon rider, and we could use you on more sorties over the Abyssal Shelf. What say you, <class>? Do you want some more flight time?

Progress Edit

There are still plenty of targets on the Abyssal Shelf, <name>.  Grab a gryphon when you're ready for another run.

Completion Edit

How'd it go out there this time?  You're in pretty good shape... maybe even good enough for another run!

Gains Edit

There are no rewards for this quest, other than the thrill of the ride and the satisfaction of a job well done.

Quest progression Edit

  1. Alliance 15 [62] Mission: The Murketh and Shaadraz Gatewaysω τ ϖ
  2. Alliance 15 [60] Shatter Pointω τ ϖ
  3. Alliance 15 [60] Wing Commander Gryphongarω τ ϖ
  4. Alliance 15 [62] Mission: The Abyssal Shelf (Alliance)
    • Alliance 15 [62] Return to the Abyssal Shelf (Alliance) RRQ Complete 16x16 (repeatable)
  5. Alliance 15 [61] Go to the Frontω τ ϖ
  6. Alliance 15 [61] Disruption - Forge Camp: Mageddonω τ ϖ
  7. Alliance 15 [61] Enemy of my Enemy...ω τ ϖ
  8. Alliance 15 [61] Invasion Point: Annihilatorω τ ϖ

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