Quest:Return to Witch Doctor Uzer'i

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Horde 32 Return to Witch Doctor Uzer'i
StartXerash Fireblade
EndWitch Doctor Uzer'i
Requires Level 40
Experience1,400 XP
or 8Silver40Copper at Level 100
Reputation+25 Darkspear Trolls
PreviousA Strange Request

Objective Edit

Deliver Xerash's Herb Pouch to Witch Doctor Uzer'i in Feralas.


Here are the herbs, <name>. Take them to Witch Doctor Uzer'i.

Please let him know that I am satisfied with the shrunken head.


Have you spoken to Neeru?


This is just what I need to prepare the muisek vessel, <name>. Soon we will see if my latest incantations prove to be as powerful as I had hoped.

Please, a moment. I must perform the ritual and apply the herbs.

Quest progression Edit

  1. Official horde mini-icon [45] A Strange Request
  2. Official horde mini-icon [45] Return to Witch Doctor Uzer'i
  3. Official horde mini-icon [47] Testing the Vessel & Official horde mini-icon [50] Natural Materials
  4. Official horde mini-icon [47] Hippogryph Muisek
  5. Official horde mini-icon [45] Faerie Dragon Muisek
  6. Official horde mini-icon [50] Treant Muisek
  7. Official horde mini-icon [50G] Mountain Giant Muisek

Patches and hotfixesEdit

  • Wrath-Logo-Small Patch 3.2.0 (04-Aug-2009): Quest giver changed, along with some text.

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