Quest:Return to Thalodien

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Neutral 32 Return to Thalodien
StartCaledis Brightdawn
EndSpymaster Thalodien
Requires Level 67
Experience1,200 XP
or 7Silver19Copper at Level 100
PreviousNeutral 15 [68] Shutting Down Manaforge Coruuω τ ϖ
NextNeutral 15 [68] Shutting Down Manaforge Duro (Scryers)ω τ ϖ

This quest is part of the Report to Spymaster Thalodien quest chain. This quest chain starts with Neutral 15 [68] Report to Spymaster Thalodienω τ ϖ


Return to Spymaster Thalodien at Area 52 in Netherstorm.


It would be best if this information got back to Thalodien as soon as possible. I'll stay here and cover our tracks.
It wouldn't do us much good to have Kael'thas find out what we were snooping around here. Secret information is always better if your enemy doesn't know you have it.


You do not cease to amaze me, <name>.  That was quite the feat of stealth you pulled off at Manaforge Coruu.


Upon completion of this quest you will gain:

  • 1200 XP (or 72Silver at level 70)

Quest Progression

Quest:Report to Spymaster Thalodien/Quest chain

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Quest level68 +
Quest nameReturn to Thalodien +

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