Return to Quartermaster Lymel is part of the Blood Elf only quest chain that introduces players to using the flight paths.

Objectives Edit

Purchase a flight back to Tranquillien in the Ghostlands and deliver Quartermaster Lymel's Goods to Quartermaster Lymel at Tranquillien in the Ghostlands.

Description Edit

It all checks out as far as I can tell. Seems to me that the Forsaken have put their backs to the wall for us and we owe them, even if they are all ugly and rotting.

So, the question is, have you already spoken to Skymaster Sunwing in Tranquillien? If so, then this can be as simple as you paying the small fare and quickly flying back.

Let me know when you're ready.

Progress Edit

<class>, back so soon? Are those the goods that I sent you for? Doesn't look like it could possibly be everything that I asked for!

Completion Edit

Well, I guess if he said that the rest of it will be coming quickly overland, then I'll take him at his word. He's certainly never failed to provide the goods in the short time that we've been working together.

Thank you, <name>, you're a credit to the sin'dorei! Here take this coin... it's done nothing but jingle around in my pocket all day.

Reward Edit

You will receive 3Silver 50Copper

Gains Edit

Quest progression Edit

  1. Horde 15IconSmall Blood Elf MaleIconSmall Blood Elf Female [10] Goods from Silvermoon City
  2. Horde 15IconSmall Blood Elf MaleIconSmall Blood Elf Female [10] Fly to Silvermoon City
  3. Horde 15IconSmall Blood Elf MaleIconSmall Blood Elf Female [10] Skymistress Gloaming
  4. Horde 15IconSmall Blood Elf MaleIconSmall Blood Elf Female [10] Return to Quartermaster Lymel

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