Quest:Return to Marleth

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Alliance 32 Return to Marleth
StartUnguarded Thunder Ale Barrel
EndMarleth Barleybrew
Requires Level 4
CategoryDun Morogh
Experience625 XP
or 3Silver75Copper at Level 110
PreviousAlliance 15 [6] Bitter Rivals

Objectives Edit

Bring the barrel of Thunder Ale to Marleth Barleybrew at the Brewnall Village.

Description Edit

Having inserted a barrel of Marleth's Scalder in the Kharanos Distillery's cellar, you grab a barrel of Thunder Ale as proof of the deed...

Reward Edit

You will receive: 1Silver 75Copper

Progress Edit

Did you make the switch?

Completion Edit

Not bad, <name>! Did you have a hard time getting past their guard?

No matter - many thanks, and if you're ever in need of stout with a kick, don't forget the Barleybrews!

Gains Edit

Upon completion of this quest you will gain:

Quest progression Edit

  1. Alliance 15 [6] Bitter Rivals
  2. Alliance 15 [7] Return to Marleth

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