Return of the Ring is the 1st quest in the Return of the Ring quest chain.

Objectives Edit

You may either keep the ring, or you may find the person responsible for the imprint and engravings on the inside of the band.

Description Edit

Opening the box produced by the Sparklematic 5200 reveals a shiny ring! Donning the ring, you feel magic power surge through your body.

Inside the band is a small but nonetheless discernible imprint of the seal of Orgrimmar. Engraved letters are next to it, but only the first three stand out even after cleaning: "NOG..."

This may signify either the initials of the previous owner, or perhaps the initials of the ring's crafter. Keep the ring... or find "NOG" - decisions, decisions...


You'd think that we would find a way on our own to outdo those filthy little gnomes. I would even wager that they stole that rig from us to begin with! Bah, those greasy, grimy... erm, yes? You need something?


A ring from Gnomeregan? Let's see... not mine, but interesting.

The Gnomeregan thing - couldn't have happened to a nicer bunch of numbskulls. For years they're a joke, and now almost overnight they're making better rigs than us?

Dark Iron dwarves had the ring? That's even more interesting! You know, maybe the gnomes stole their crazy golem plans and modified them.  Those Dark Irons, they'd definitely want some major payback. It's certainly worth investigating.

You know, about that ring...


Quest chainEdit

  1. Horde 15 [34D] Return of the Ring
  2. Horde 15 [34] Nogg's Ring Redoω τ ϖ

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