Quest:Rethban Ore

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Alliance 32 Rethban Ore
StartOfficial alliance mini-icon Foreman Oslow
EndOfficial alliance mini-icon Brother Paxton
Requires Level 20
CategoryRedridge Mountains
Experience95-975 XP
or  at Level 100
ReputationStormwind +75
PreviousOfficial alliance mini-icon [24] Ink Supplies
NextOfficial alliance mini-icon [24] Return to Kristoff

Task Edit

Gather 5 loads of Rethban Ore and bring it to Brother Paxton in the Northshire Abbey.

Rethban Ore is named after the man who first found it, Bart Rethban. When smelted it's not as strong as iron, but its ore has a dark, flat color that some scribes use in their dyes. It can be found in the Rethban Caverns, north of here.

We usually have some in stock, but we're too busy preparing for Orc attacks to gather any. And besides...Redridge Gnolls are now living in the Rethban Caverns and their Drudgers are gathering the ore themselves.

So if you need some, you'll have to get it yourself.

Reward Edit

  • 95-975 XP

Notes Edit

No mining is required to collect this ore. The ore is dropped by the Redridge Drudger gnolls in the heart of the cave.

This quest is the 4th of the chain;

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