Quest:Retest Now (Horde daily)

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Horde 32 Retest Now
StartChief Engineer Copperclaw
EndChief Engineer Copperclaw
Requires Level 77
Experience22,050 XP
or 1Gold32Silver29Copper at Level 110
Rewards7Gold 40Silver
PreviousRetest Now (Horde)

Daily version of Retest Now (Horde)

Objectives Edit

Chief Engineer Copperclaw aboard Orgrim's Hammer wants you to throw a Writhing Mass into a cauldron at Aldur'thar.

  • Writhing Mass Banished

Provided Item:

Description Edit

Those twisted cultists are looking for souls to put in their crazy-juice? Then let's help 'em out a bit!

Take a swig of this - don't worry, I've diluted it plenty... I'm almost positive that its only effect will be to detect any cultist's essence.

Once you've collected a bunch of 'em, throw the writhing mass of twisted souls in one of their cauldrons.

Let's see how they like a taste of their own medicine!

Completion Edit


That'll teach 'em!

Rewards Edit

You will receive: 7Gold 40Silver

The cauldrons will award a 2 hour buff depending upon into which one you throw the mass;

Light Blue : +100 attack power

Green : +75 stamina

Dark Blue (Purple): +60 spell power

Quest progression Edit

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