Quest:Restoring Jade's Purity

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Neutral 32 Quest:Restoring Jade's Purity
StartPriestess Summerpetal
EndPriestess Summerpetal
Requires Level 85
CategoryTemple of the Jade Serpent
Experience258,000 XP
or 15Gold48Silver at Level 100
Rewards40Gold 80Silver


Assist Wise Mari, Liu Flameheart, and Lorewalker Stonestep with their sha problems.


<class>, will you aid us?

The temple's purity has been jeopardized. Even now the three masters struggle against their doubts.

Please, I beg you, head in and help Wise Mari, Liu Flameheart, and Lorewalker Stonestep in their fight against the sha.


While I am sad to hear the fates of Wise Mari and Priestess Flameheart, you have my heartfelt thanks.


You will be able to choose one of these rewards:
Inv misc questionmark
Flameheart Wristguards
Inv misc questionmark
Scrollkeeper's Cuffs
Inv misc questionmark
Coiled Serpent Armband
Inv misc questionmark
Bracers of Ancient Tales
Inv misc questionmark
Armplates of the Jade Idol
Inv misc questionmark
Defiant Archer's Bracers
Inv misc questionmark
Summerpetal Cuffs
Inv misc questionmark
Wise Mari's Bracers
Inv misc questionmark
Eversight Armplates

You will receive: 40Gold 80Silver


  • 258,000 XP.

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