Quest:Restorer No More (Karazhan)

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Neutral 32 Restorer No More
StartArchmage Leryda
EndArchmage Leryda
Requires Level 70
Rewards[Violet Signet of the Master Assassin] or [Violet Signet of the Great Protector] or [Violet Signet of the Archmage]

Objectives Edit

You've decided against your previous choice? I suppose I can help you reverse it. In the end Dalaran cares more about your loyalty than how you choose to show it.

It won't be cheap. And of course, I will need your old ring back.

Rewards Edit

You will be able to choose one of these rewards:
Inv jewelry ring 62
Inv jewelry ring 62
Inv jewelry ring 62

Completion Edit

Make this next decision carefully. We do our best to accommodate our allies, but even Dalaran's resources have their limits.

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