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Neutral 32 Residue Rendezvous
StartAlchemist Adrianna
EndAlchemist Adrianna
TypeWeekly Raid
CategoryIcecrown Citadel
Experience44,100 XP
or 2Gold64Silver59Copper at Level 100
Reputation+350 Ashen Verdict
RewardsSack of Frosty Treasures
29Gold 60Silver

Residue Rendezvous is one of the Icecrown Citadel weekly raid quests.


Return to Alchemist Adrianna while infected with Orange and Green Blight.

  • Return with two strains of Blight.


Professor Putricide has been holed up in his foul laboratory, experimenting and refining increasingly lethal strains of blight to be used against us. If only we could obtain pure samples of the toxins, our researchers could concoct an antidote that would save countless lives.

If you happen to come across live specimens, please return here immediately so that we can harvest them for study.


Putricide's blight is one of the Scourge's most powerful weapons against us.


At last, we have live specimens to study! You have helped to save countless lives this day, <name>.

Please, take this as a token of thanks for this great deed.


You will receive: 29Gold 60Silver
Inv misc bag 16
[Sack of Frosty Treasures]


Only one raid member needs to get both samples and turn them in to Alchemist Adrianna, and then everyone in the instance will get quest completion credit. If you down one of the bosses and get the sample, then die during the second one, you can't complete the quest. If a wipe looks imminent on the second boss, and somebody has the sample from the first boss, drop a Divine Intervention on the person to save him. If you struggle with one or the other, then do the one you have trouble with first, then do the easier one.

Note that there are reports in the comments section of the Wowhead page for the quest indicating that Divine Intervention currently removes the samples from a player, rendering the aforementioned tactic ineffective.

An alternate method in the case of a hunter bearing a sample is casting Feign Death.

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