Quest:Rescue at Sea (Alliance)

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Neutral 32 Rescue at Sea
StartNarasi Snowdawn
EndNarasi Snowdawn
CategoryArgent Tournament
Experience4[[File:gold.png|g|link=Money#Types XP
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Rewards[Champion's Seal]
5Gold 80Silver

In order to be eligible for this quest, players are required to have earned the achievement Money achievement A Silver Confidant.


Head out to The North Sea and kill 8 Vrykul Berserkers and 3 Vrykul Harpooners attacking The Wavecrest.


Champion, Captain Wavecrest and his ship were sent north to disrupt the Kvaldir in Hrothgar's Landing when they were intercepted by a Kvaldir raiding party headed to the Tournament Grounds. Unfortunately, the Kvaldir far outnumber the crew on board and are slowly taking over the ship.

We need you to go north to The Wavecrest in Hrothgar's Run, between the Tournament Grounds and Hrothgar's Landing and help the crew fend off the attack. You should see the ship on the east side of Hrothgar's Run.


You will receive
Ability paladin artofwar
[Champion's Seal]
5Gold 80Silver


Have you helped fend off the Kvaldir attack?


It seems things are worse than we initially thought. You still made a valiant effort and saved many of The Wavecrest's crew's lives.


Fly northwest to roughly halfway between Icecrown and Hrothgar's Landing. On the east side of the strait is The Wavecrest, under attack by the North Sea Kraken and getting boarded by Kvaldir Harpooners and Kvaldir Berserkers. Kill the eleven mobs required, but watch out when the kraken attacks as it has a knockoff of The Lurker Below's Spout knockback ability.

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0300Wrath-Logo-Small Patch 3.2.0 (04-Aug-2009): Added

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