Prerequisites Edit

Blood elves only.

Objectives Edit

Travel to Tarren Mill in the Hillsbrad Foothills and speak with Advisor Duskingdawn.

Description Edit

Ah, good to see you here, <class>! I've a task that you are perfectly suited to.

As new members of the Horde, we need to make sure that we support their efforts and help them with their problems. That way they'll be more receptive to helping us with ours.

Travel to the Forsaken town, Tarren Mill, in the Hillsbrad Foothills to the southeast. Check in with Advisor Duskingdawn when you arrive.

Completion Edit

My, my! Another of my <brothers/sisters> arrives to pitch in. Good! There is much to be done in support of our new Forsaken friends, <class>. Ask around to see who you can help out.

I know that you will support them to your utmost ability!

Gains Edit

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