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== Patch changes ==
== Patch changes ==
*{{Patch 2.0.1|note=Removed.}}
*{{Patch 2.0.1|note=Removed.}}
*{{Patch 1.5.0|note=Added.}}
*{{Patch 1.8.0|note=Added.}}
== External links ==
== External links ==

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Alliance 32 Remember Alterac Valley!
StartAlliance Brigadier General
EndAlliance Brigadier General
Requires Level 60
CategoryAlterac Valley
Rewards1Gold 80Silver


Bring 3 [Alterac Valley Marks of Honor] to an Alliance Brigadier General outside the battlegrounds.

Description Edit

Make no mistake about it, <name>. The Horde is quite right when they say Alterac Valley is Frostwolf Territory.

You see, the Stormpike Expedition arrived as peaceful visitors to the area in search of ore and relics. The Frostwolves reacted with the most brutal and uncivilized act of aggression the Alliance has experienced.

Let us never forget the brave dwarves that perished in that cowardly unannounced attack. Go now, <class>, do your part in the battle for Alterac Valley. For the Alliance!

Rewards Edit

1Gold 80Silver

Completion Edit

You've done your part. The Alliance cannot let the Horde's uncivilized acts to go unchallenged!

Patch changes Edit

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Patch date5 December 2006 + and 10 October 2005 +
Quest ID8375 +
Quest factionAlliance +
Quest level60 +
Quest nameRemember Alterac Valley! +

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