Objectives Edit

Gather 5 Gryphon Eggs and return them to Ambassador Rualeth at Aerie Peak.

Description Edit

Looking over the remains, you surmise that this broken and battered skeleton must be all that is left of Featherbeard. Clutched in one skeletal hand is a torn and stained sheaf of paper. You gently remove and unroll it, revealing a hand-drawn map and a few hastily scrawled notes. The map appears to be a rendering of Shadra'Alor and its three temples with 'x' marks in several places, presumably the locations of the stolen eggs. You place the map in your pack for inspection at a safer location.

Reward Edit

You will receive:1Gold 30Silver

Progress Edit

The look on your face marks you as the bearer of bad news. What have you discovered?

Completion Edit

<Handing the eggs to the ambassador, you describe the findings at Featherbeard's Hovel and Shadra'Alor.> The Witherbark killed Featherbeard? <Rualeth's face contorts in horror at your description of the dwarf's death and the implications for Rualeth's mission.> I understand why he felt he had to go in search of the eggs, but I wish he'd thought to bring others along. His death will no doubt enrage Falstad Wildhammer, triggering retaliation against the trolls, and delaying my audience indefinitely.

Gains Edit

Upon completion of this quest you will gain:

Quest progression Edit

  1. Alliance 15 [46] Featherbeard's Endorsement
  2. Alliance 15 [46] In Pursuit of Featherbeard
  3. Alliance 15 [46] Reclaiming the Eggs

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