Quest:Reclaiming the Charred Vale (2)

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Alliance 32 Reclaiming the Charred Vale (2)
StartKeeper Albagorm
EndFalfindel Waywarder
Requires Level 21
CategoryStonetalon Mountains
Experience2,200 XP
or 13Silver20Copper at Level 110
Reputation+250 Darnassus
Rewards[Tempered Bracers] [Constable Buckler]
PreviousAlliance 15 [27] Reclaiming the Charred Vale

Objectives Edit

Travel to Falfindel Waywarder on the border of Thousand Needles and Feralas.

Description Edit

The Bloodfuries have been subdued. But they will regroup soon enough if action is not taken.

Far south of the Barrens lies a land known as Thousand Needles. If you travel west in Thousand Needles until you reach the lush forest's edge of Feralas, you will find a druid named Falfindel Waywarder.

This great and wise druid is capable of calling forth great forest spirits which can aid in the reclamation of the Charred Vale.

Send word of our need! Seek him out at once!

Completion Edit

Keeper Albagorm was wise to send you with such urgency.

Let us see if we cannot call forth aid from the great forest to travel to the Charred Vale before it is too late.

Cut Scene Edit

CharredVale CutScene

Falfindel summoning spirits.

Falfindel Waywarder says: We must hurry.

Falfindel Waywarder says: Spirits of the forest come forth and heed nature's call!

Falfindel Waywarder says: Spirits of the forest, you are needed! Make haste to the Charred Vale!

Reward Edit

You will be able to choose one of these rewards
Inv bracer 06
Inv shield 09

Quest progression Edit

  1. Alliance 15 [27] Reclaiming the Charred Vale
  2. Alliance 15 [27] Reclaiming the Charred Vale

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