Objectives Edit

Plant 8 Tree Seedlings in the Fertile Dirt Mounds and then return to Gnarl[83.8, 63] at the Warsong Lumber Camp in Ashenvale.

  • Tree Seedling Planted (8)

Provided Item:

Description Edit

Little one, to the southwest is an area of Nightsong Woods that has in recent times come to be called Felfire Hill[81, 69]. It is very sad to see the demons crawling over it, spreading their corruption.

Would you do something to help take back the land?

I have a number of seeds that I have been saving for such a purpose. Take them to Felfire Hill and plant them in the fertile dirt mounds.


Good. Though it may take a great deal of your years for the seedlings to grow into ancients, in the fullness of time they will aid us in our fight against all of the enemies of Ashenvale.

Rewards Edit

You will receive:

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