Reassignment is an Alliance quest that involves delivering a letter to Stormwind Keep.

Objectives Edit

Deliver [Farren's Report] to Major Samuelson in Stormwind Keep.

Details Edit

Description Edit

It shouldn't be a problem getting my report seen. The new captain of the guard, Major Samuelson, was my mentor while I was stationed in Stormwind. It should give him more than enough excuse to have me transferred back to the city. I'll need you to carry my report to him, though... wouldn't want ol' Redpath to catch on.


Greetings, citizen. May the Stormwind city guard be of assistance?

Completion Edit

What's this? Ah... so my attentive pupil has applied himself to the problem of the naga in Southshore. Thank you for bringing this to me, I will certainly take it into account when I review personnel assignments in the next month.

Quest ProgressionEdit