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Alliance 32 Razorbeak Friends
StartGryphon Master Talonaxe
EndGryphon Master Talonaxe
Requires Level 29
CategoryThe Hinterlands
Experience332-3,150 XP
or  at Level 110
Rewards[Razorbeak Amulet] or
[Gryphon-Down Scarf] or
[Gryphon Master's Belt] or
[Talon Axe]

Objectives Edit

Use Gryphon Chow to feed 7 Trained Razorbeak gryphons.

Description Edit

Our clan reveres the gryphon as a sacred animal. They're majestic creatures of the skies, and more than just beasts; they're intelligent and cunning.

Some say we keep them, but it's more of a friendship. If you want to befriend the Wildhammer here, first befriend our gryphons! Take this bag o' chow, it's nice and fresh. Our trained razorbeak gryphons wander the forests to the south of the aviary. Go on and feed a few of 'em for me, aye?




You will be able to choose one of these rewards
Inv jewelry necklace 09
[Razorbeak Amulet]
Inv helmet 173
[Gryphon-Down Scarf]
Inv belt 87
[Gryphon Master's Belt]
Inv axe 18
[Talon Axe]

You will also receive:30Silver

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