This quest is part of The Stranglethorn Safari quest chain quest chain.

Objectives Edit

Hemet Nesingwary Jr. wants you to kill Tethis, an elusive, dangerous raptor in Stranglethorn.


Because you proved yourself to be such a go-getter in the jungle, let me tell you about a ferocious raptor that even I have failed to kill. Ajeck here calls this wily raptor Tethis.

If you want to prove yourself a true master, kill Tethis and bring me his talon. It would be a feat that no other big game hunter has accomplished.


How goes the hunt for Tethis? Tracked her all the way back to camp, did you?


Master <name>, the raptor slayer!

Has a nice ring to it, eh?


You will receive:
Inv chest leather 07


Details Edit

Tethis is located around [28, 43]
west of Gurubashi Arena. His spawn point can vary however, and has been found near [38, 39]
as well.

Quest ProgressionEdit

Ajeck Rouack's quests:

Sir S. J. Erlgadin's quests:

Hemet Nesingwary Jr.'s quests:

Having completed all of the above, Hemet Nesingwary Jr. offers you

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