This quest from Mebok Mizzyrix who resides in Ratchet requires you to gather horns from Combat 15 Sunscale Scytheclaws in The Barrens.

Objectives Edit

Gather 5 Intact Raptor Horns from Sunscale Scytheclaws, and bring them to Mebok Mizzyrix in Ratchet.

Description Edit

The raptors of the Barrens are smarter than raptors in other lands. And I think all that smarts is hiding in their horns! If so, then I could grind their horns into powder and use it to make "smart drinks." I could sell them for a fortune!!!

And you can help me. Find me intact raptor horns from sunscale scytheclaws. They roam in the southern Barrens, and in the northern Barrens near the border of Ashenvale Forest.

Progress Edit

Did you get the horns, <name>? Those things are going to make me a fortune!

Completion Edit

Great, you got them! Now I just need to ground them down and mix them with some wine, and...

Rewards Edit

You will receive:
Inv drink 04
5x [Raptor Punch]
Inv misc cape 03
[Barkeeper's Cloak]

Gains Edit

Notes Edit

This quest is a pre-requisite for the quest Smart Drinks in the instance Wailing Caverns.

Quest Chain Edit

  1. Neutral 15 [18] Raptor Horns
  2. Neutral 15 [18] Smart Drinks

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