Quest:Prove Your Hatred

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Horde 32 Prove Your Hatred
StartMehlar Dawnblade
EndMehlar Dawnblade
Requires Level 50
Experience5,100 XP
or 30Silver59Copper at Level 100
PreviousTo The Bulwark
NextWisdom of the Banshee Queen

This quest is part of the Forging the Scourgestone quest chain.

Objectives Edit

Collect 20 [Minion's Scourgestone], and return to Mehlar Dawnblade.

Quest textEdit

It is time you remembered history that should not be forgotten... the slaughter of our people by Arthas and his Scourge army.

Vengeance on the Scourge is the only way to ease your pain. It is unfortunate they are not susceptible to fear and pain. Only their utter destruction will bring you even a shred of satisfaction.

Speak with Argent Officer Garush for knowledge of scourgestones and how to obtain them -- I will need to see many of them as proof of your commitment before we speak again.


Have the Scourge crumbled beneath your weapon?


Very good, <name>. Perhaps you have a taste for revenge after all.

Notes Edit

To collect scourgestones, you must have equipped the Argent Dawn Commission trinket. Fighting the scourge undead in Western Plaguelands also builds reputation with the Argent Dawn.

Also be aware that Argent Officer Garush will accept scourgestones for a repeatable Argent Dawn reputation quest that is not part of this quest. Be sure which quest you are completing when turning in scourgestones.

Quest progressionEdit

  1. Official horde mini-icon Ui-charactercreate-classes paladin [52] To The Bulwark
  2. Official horde mini-icon Ui-charactercreate-classes paladin [52] Prove Your Hatred
  3. Official horde mini-icon Ui-charactercreate-classes paladin [52] Wisdom of the Banshee Queen
  4. Official horde mini-icon Ui-charactercreate-classes paladin [52D] Ancient Evil

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