This quest is part of the A Sign of Hope quest chain. This quest chain starts with Alliance 15 [40] A Sign of Hopeω τ ϖ

Objectives Edit

Take Hammertoe's Amulet to Prospector Ryedol in the Badlands.

Description Edit

<Hammertoe holds his wounds and takes a moment to regain his composure before speaking again.>
Find Ryedol, <name>. Bring 'im me amulet. <cough cough> He'll... <cough> figure out what to do. He knows I was seeking the origins of our people, and he... <cough>... knows it was also my mission to stop the Shadowforge clan. They must not be allowed to find the scrolls... <cough>

Progress Edit

I'd say it was a bad day, but this is the Badlands: every day's a bad day.

Completion Edit

Hammertoe's amulet? I think my spirits were higher when I thought he was dead. Knowin' fer sure only makes the pain worse. This amulet was his life's work. I can't let his death be in vain.

Gains Edit

Upon completion of this quest you will gain:

Quest ProgressionEdit

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