Bring the [Deserter Propaganda] to Calia Hastings near the docks in Theramore.


The deserter agents were doing far more than just chatting up the guards. We've found a number of leaflets the deserters somehow managed to smuggle in on a ship on the docks.

The ship used to transport leaflets is still in Theramore, at the farthest dock. If you can sneak aboard and capture the rest of their propaganda documents, their agents will lose their most powerful tool. Be careful! The ship is manned by seasoned privateers and the cargo is probably being kept in the captain's quarters.


Did you manage to find and capture the remaining propaganda leaflets?


<The SI:7 agent nods in approval.>

Excellent. All that remains is to discredit the deserters so they'll never gain a foothold in Theramore again, and I have just the plan to do it.

Cut scene upon completion Edit

Calia hastings says: It would be a shame to let these leaflets go to waste, wouldn't it?
Calia Hastings says: With just a little creative editing, these are much more useful...


You will receive: 35Silver

Quest progressionEdit

  1. Alliance 15 [35] Traitors Among Us
  2. Alliance 15 [35] Propaganda War
  3. Alliance 15 [35] Discrediting the Deserters
  4. Alliance 15 [37] The End of the Deserters

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