Objectives Edit

Recover an Informational Pamphlet, Secret Journal, an issue of the Moonbrook Times and Mysterious Propaganda.

Description Edit

We've noticed a rise in violent acts amongst the homeless of the area. Something or someone is getting them all riled up. Now whoever is behind all this is getting more organized. Just recently a group of thugs came through here handing out pamphlets.

Enter Moonbrook and look for evidence. Propaganda, leaflets, whatever... Bring whatever you find back to me. Maybe we can find the source through the writings.

Rewards Edit

You will receive: 6Silver

Progress Edit

Any luck?

Completion Edit

V? The only V I know is VanCleef, but he died many years ago.

Notes Edit

While killing Moonbrook Thugs, keep an eye out for the [Red Bandana] - it starts Evidence Collection. Immediately accept it and keep killing thugs.

[41.3, 66.5] Mysterious Propaganda in the Town Hall [41.6, 66.5] Infomational Pamphlet in the Town Hall [43.5, 66.6] Secret Journal upstairs in the Inn [43.3, 69.9] Issue of the Moonbrook Times by the fountain in the town square

Quest progressionEdit

Optional lead-ins: Furlbrow's Deed, Hero's Call: Westfall!

  1. Alliance 15 [11] Murder Was The Case That They Gave Me
  2. Alliance 15 [11] Hot On the Trail: Murlocs / Alliance 15 [10] Hot On the Trail: The Riverpaw Clan
  3. Alliance 15 [11] Meet Two-Shoed Lou
  4. Alliance 15 [11] Livin' the Life
  5. Alliance 15 [12] Lou's Parting Thoughts
  6. Alliance 15 [12] Shakedown at the Saldean's
  7. Alliance 15 [12] Times are Tough / Alliance 15 [12] Westfall Stew
  8. Alliance 15 [13] You Have Our Thanks
  9. Alliance 15 [13] Hope for the People
  10. Alliance 15 [13] Feeding the Hungry and the Hopeless / Alliance 15 [13] In Defense of Westfall
  11. Alliance 15 [14] Find Agent Kearnen
  12. Alliance 15 [14] Secrets of the Tower
  13. Alliance 15 [14] Big Trouble in Moonbrook
  14. Alliance 15 [14] To Moonbrook!
  15. Alliance 15 [14] Propaganda
  16. Alliance 15 [15] The Dawning of a New Day
  17. Alliance 15 [15] Secrets Revealed
  18. Alliance 15 [15] A Vision of the Past
  19. Alliance 15 [15] Rise of the Brotherhood
  20. Alliance 15 [15] Return to Sentinel Hill
  21. Alliance 15 [15] Threat to the Kingdom

Patch historyEdit

Cataclysm-Logo-Small Patch 4.0.3 (15-Nov-2010): Added

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