Quest:Proof of Demise: Loken

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Neutral 32 Proof of Demise: Loken
StartArchmage Lan'dalock
EndArchmage Lan'dalock
Requires Level 80
TypeDaily Heroic
CategoryHalls of Lightning
Reputation+75 Kirin Tor
Rewards2x [Emblem of Triumph]
22Gold 20Silver


Archmage Lan'dalock in Dalaran wants you to return with the Celestial Ruby Ring.

This quest may only be completed on Heroic difficulty.


Within the Halls of Lightning, Loken is poised to put an end to our world. Need I say more, <name>?

He sits there listening to the mad whisperings of the Old God trapped beneath Northrend. You and your friends must travel to the Storm Peaks immediately!

Confront Loken within the Terrestrial Watchtower and stop him before it is too late! Bring me his ruby ring so that I will know we are safe once more.


Relevant items
Spell holy summonchampion
2x [Emblem of Triumph]

You will also receive: 22Gold 20Silver


We speak again, <name>. Does this mean that we are safe from Loken's madness, or are we doomed?


<Archmage Lan'dalock breathes a sigh of relief.>

To be honest, I feared the worst had befallen you. It's difficult to stand idly by while others, such as yourself, deal with the matters of life and death which confront our world seemingly on a daily basis.

Now what are we going to do with that gigantic ring?

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