Quest:Priceless Treasures

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Alliance 32 Priceless Treasures
StartProspector Drugan
EndProspector Drugan
Requires Level 7
CategoryDun Morogh
Experience88-840 XP
or  at Level 100
Rewards[Archaeologist's Pants] or
[Dun Morogh Hiking Boots] or
[Museum Guard's Bracers] and
[Prospector's Bag]
3Silver 50Copper

Objectives Edit

Recover 8 Frozen Artifacts from inside the Gol'Bolar Quarry Mine.

Provided item:

Description Edit

Mining wasn't the only thing going on in the quarry, you know. I led a team of Explorer's League excavators recovering priceless ancient artifacts.

I managed to escape, but my colleagues were much deeper in the mine and didn't survive the initial trogg attack.

They took great pride in their work and they risked their lives to learn more of our history. If you're going into the mines, take this pick with you and see if you can find anything in the digs the prospectors started.


You will be able to choose one of these rewards
Inv pants cloth 41
[Archaeologist's Pants]
Inv boots leather 10
[Dun Morogh Hiking Boots]
Inv bracer 61
[Museum Guard's Bracers]
You will also recieve: 3Silver 50Copper
Inv misc bag 10 black
[Prospector's Bag]

Progression Edit

Were you able to find any artifacts down there?


Thank you for recovering these artifacts. I will see ot it that they are displayed in the Ironforge museum along with the story of those who died to recover them.

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