Quest:Plague...Plague Everywhere!

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Horde 32 This Land is Our Land
StartDeathstalker Commander Belmont
EndDeathstalker Commander Belmont
Requires Level 18
CategoryShadowfang Keep
Experience1,700 XP
or 10Silver19Copper at Level 110
PreviousThis Land is Our Land
NextOrders Are For the Living

Objectives Edit

Kill Baron Silverlaine and Commander Springvale.

Description Edit

The best part about this plague is that even when it visually fades away, the remaining residue is still quite potent! However, we still have an enormous area to cover before we're done, with plenty of Godfrey's defenses in the way.

It appears that the spirits that served Baron Silverlaine and Commander Springvale in life now guard them in death, and Godfrey is using them to deter us. Show them all the iron will of the Forsaken!

Progress Edit


Completion Edit


Gains Edit

  • 1800 XP
  • 20Silver

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