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Horde 32 Pining for Nuts
StartHorde 15 Aska Mistrunner <Cooking Trainer>
EndHorde 15 Aska Mistrunner <Cooking Trainer>
Requires Level 10
Experience1 XP
or no coins at Level 110
ReputationThunder Bluff +250
Rewards1 Achievement profession chefhat [Chef's Award]
Scales by level (16Gold 54Silver at Level 85)

This is one of the Thunder Bluff daily cooking quests, which can be used to improve cooking skill as well as contribute towards several Achievements.


Obtain 30 Pine Nuts by toasting Mulgore Pine Cones from Thunder Bluff. Deliver the nuts to Aska Mistrunner in Thunder Bluff.

Pine Nut: (30)


The Shu'halo use pine nuts in so MANY dishes: meat, fish, vegetables, even baked into breads or sprinkled over sweet pastries.

The Earth Mother has blessed us in that the very BEST pine nuts come from the trees upon these very mesas. Simply gather pine cones and toast them over a cooking fire to release the nuts within.

Would you please be so kind as to gather some? There are hardly ever enough to go around...


You will receive:


Have you found many of those tasty pine nuts?


You work so quickly!

I'll see that these are distributed to the various chefs and bakers of Thunder Bluff.

Thank you!

Notes Edit

You are only allowed to hold 10 Mulgore Pine Cones at one time; the remainder will stop sparkling once you've picked up your tenth. As soon as you toast the first one, you might see more cones sparkling again. You can then pick up more if you wish.

Each cone is good for 5 Pine Nuts, and toasting more Mulgore Pine Cones will not give you extras once you've collected the 30 needed for the quest.

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