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Alliance 32 Pieces Parts
CategoryGrizzly Hills
Experience20,750 XP
or 1Gold24Silver50Copper at Level 110
Rewards5Gold 60Silver

Objectives Edit

Pipthwack in Blue Sky Logging Grounds wants you to collect 4 Grooved Cogs, 3 Notched Sprockets, and 2 High Tension Springs.

Description Edit

Ack! This thing's a mess!

Goblin engineering leaves a great deal to be desired, believe you me. Just look at this! It's a wonder it ever worked to begin with.

Give me a hand, will ya? To get this even close to operable specifications I'll need to replace a few cogs, sprockets, and springs. You should have no trouble finding them down around the sawmill.

Progress Edit

Got those parts for me, <class>?

Completion Edit

Yes indeed. These should do the trick...

There. One more shredder ready for the fight. Thanks, <name>.

Rewards Edit

You will receive:

  • 5Gold 60Silver
  • 20750 XP (or 9Gold 96Silver compensation at level 80)

Notes Edit

  • This quest is part of Money achievement Grizzled Veteran (Alliance).
  • Notched Sprockets may be hard to find as they look like dark gray gears on dark brown ground around trees usually near the edges of the logging grounds.

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