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Alliance 32 Penny's Pumpkin Pancakes
StartRobby Flay
EndRobby Flay
Requires Level 10
ExperienceScales XP
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RewardsScales by level

Objectives Edit

Obtain 6 Stormwind Pumpkins. Deliver them to Robby Flay in Stormwind City.

Description Edit

My daughter Penny loves pumpkin pancakes but we have had a shortage of pumpkins here in Elwynn from the frostbite last season. I have heard of a new pumpkin patch north of Stormwind that might be ripe for the picking now though. Head out and harvest a few of those ripe pumpkins for me and let's see what we can do.

Progress Edit

Have you finished collecting the pumpkins?

Completion Edit

Nice job, <name>! Penny will be very excited for breakfast tomorrow!

Rewards Edit

You will receive:

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