Objectives Edit

Bring Maywiki of Zuldazar a Primal Hakkari Stanchion. You must also have a reputation equal to or greater than Friendly with the Zandalar Tribe.

Maywiki of Zuldazar is located on Yojamba Isle, Stranglethorn Vale.

Description Edit

A haruspex is a key member of our tribe; you'll be wise to listen to their portents. By communion with animals and givin' them up to the spirits when needed, they give us divine guidance. In times past, the haruspex's insight and wisdom gave us an edge in the wars against the splintered tribes of the Gurubashi.

Bring me an offerin' of the Paragons of Power from inside Zul'Gurub and prove your worth to us. Do this, and I'll give ya bracers that any haruspex of the Zandalar would want.

Progress Edit

Have ya got the Paragons of Power from Zul'Gurub? These bracers are worth the effort, <name>. Trust me mon!

Completion Edit

Ah, I can sense the power comin' from these Paragons of Power, <name>. Ya proved to be someone we in the tribe can call "friend." A deal is a deal, <name>... behold the power of the haruspex's bracers!

Rewards Edit

You will receive:
Inv bracer 08

Gains Edit

Upon completion of this quest you will gain:

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