Quest:Overlord Gorefist

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Alliance 32 Overlord Gorefist
Requires Level 64
Experience10,700 XP
or 64Silver20Copper at Level 100
ReputationKurenai, +500
Rewards[Glowing Crystal Insignia]
[Telaar Courier's Cloak]
[Marsh Bracers]
3Gold 10Silver
PreviousAngo'rosh Encroachment


Ikuti wants you to kill Overlord Gorefist and 10 Ango'rosh Maulers. Return to the Orebor Harborage once you have completed the task.


The centerpiece of any ogre tribe is its leader. Without leadership, the Ango'rosh's organization will disappear and they'll resort to infighting to determine who will lead next.

Although we've seen the ogres out and about in this area, their true strength is concentrated in their Ango'rosh Stronghold to the northwest. It's located in a cave on a small island connected to the marsh by a fallen mushroom.

Go there and defeat Overlord Gorefist. That should provide us with a well-deserved respite.


At last! You have our thanks for your help in securing our position at the Orebor Harborage. I will send word of your deeds to the Kurenai city of Telaar in Nagrand. There will be many more opportunities for our peoples to work together.

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