Quest:Orm Stonehoof and the Brutal Helm

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Horde 32 Orm Stonehoof and the Brutal Helm
StartThun'grim Firegaze
EndOrm Stonehoof
Requires Level 27
Experience1,200 XP
or 7Silver19Copper at Level 110
PreviousBrutal Armor
NextChimaeric Horn

Objectives Edit

Speak with Orm Stonehoof in Thunder Bluff.

Description Edit

Orm Stonehoof is respected greatly for his skill. He will make for you the brutal helm.

Seek him out in Thunder Bluff, near the pool by the city's great, central totem.

Completion Edit

Greetings, <class>. I am Orm, and Thun'grim tells me you wish a helm made?

Quest progression Edit

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