Quest:Ore Repossession

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Neutral 32 Ore Repossession
StartTore Rumblewrench
EndTore Rumblewrench
Requires Level 77
CategoryThe Storm Peaks
Rewards6Gold 80Silver


Tore Rumblewrench outside of Crystalweb Cavern would like you to retrieve 5 samples of Impure Saronite Ore.


We're moving in!

There were some snobolds here when we arrived... their mining operation seems to have met some unfortunate happenings though. Doesn't much matter - we were taking over soon anyway.

I sent some of our miners in there to get me some ore samples that I can use to calibrate our machines for processing, but they haven't come back.

Mind going in there and nabbing some samples for me in their stead? The snobolds probably have some on them, though I'd expect most of them are dead by now.


You will receive: 6Gold 80Silver


Ya have some ore for me?


Woo! That's a ripe stench right there! You had to get hands-on with some of those snobolds, didn't ya?

I do appreciate it, though!


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