Speak with Scout Vor'takh at Camp Oneqwah.

Description Edit

While we build Conquest Hold, I sent Scout Vor'takh to make contact with our taunka allies in the east. They're based in Camp Oneqwah, which is in the easternmost part of Grizzly Hills, beyond Grizzlemaw.

Make the journey there, hear Vor'takh's report and offer your assistance with anything he and the local chieftain may need. Your contributions to Conquest Hold have been exemplary and I know Vor'takh will be grateful for the assistance.

Completion Edit

<You offer a short introduction, explaining you were sent by Sergeant Nazgrim.>

Ah, so you're something in the way of reinforcements, then. Good.

Tormak and his men have need of your blade.


Upon completion of this quest you will gain:

  • 5200 XP (or 2Gold 49Silver compensation at level 80)
  • 25 reputation with The Taunka


Scout Vor'takh is at [65.0, 47.0].

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