Objectives Edit

Cannoneer Ely has tasked you with rounding up 10 Westguard Cannonballs and returning them to him at Westguard Keep.

Description Edit

<Lad/Lass>, who's the genius that made our cannons a non-standard size? Now we have ta make special cannonballs ta shoot out o' the infernal contraptions!

I would look kindly on ye if ye would go out and find the balls we've already shot. No doubt with the way these louts shoot they be all o'er the place ta the south and east.

<The cannoneer spaces his hands apart to give you an idea of how big the cannonballs are.>

That would be faster than us making 'em from scratch fer a certainty.

Rewards Edit

You will receive: 4Gold 70Silver

Progress Edit

We're runnin' dangerously low on rounds 'round here, <class>. Our enemies need poundin', especially Skorn!

Ya got more balls fer us?

Completion Edit

Oh, bless ya, <name>, bless ya!

Just set 'em down right where yer standin'. I'll have one o' the boys come load 'em up soon enough and we can stop worryin' 'bout runnin' out o' balls ta shoot at Skorn.

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