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Neutral 32 One Demon's Trash...
StartMama Wheeler
EndMama Wheeler
Requires Level 67
Experience12,300 XP
or 73Silver79Copper at Level 100
Rewards4Gold 10Silver
PreviousHelp Mama Wheeler
NextDeclawing Doomclaw

Objective Edit

Gather 10 Fel Reaver Parts and return them to Mama Wheeler at the Midrealm Post inside Eco-Dome Midrealm in the Netherstorm.

Details Edit

This quest is the 2nd step of a quest chain in Netherstorm that begins with Neutral 15 [69] Help Mama Wheeler.

Description Edit

You look like a capable young man! I was wondering if you could lend me a hand?

To the east is the Scrap Field, which the Burning Legion has moved into. It's full of huge fel reaver parts. There're also a whole bunch of smaller parts in there that they don't seem to care about.

I want you to get in there and get me a lot of those smaller fel reaver parts!

Quest progressionEdit

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