Objective Edit

Professor Dabiri at the Protectorate Watch Post in Netherstorm wants you to use your Phase Disruptor when you get in range of the Void Conduit that rests atop Ultris. Drop as many charges of the Phase Disruptor as you can to ensure total annihilation. The Phase Disruptor charges will automatically home in on the Void Conduit so long as you are close enough to use it.

Return to Professor Dabiri should you succeed!

  • Void Conduit Destroyed: 0/1

Details Edit

This quest is the 2nd step in a quest chain in Netherstorm that begins with Neutral 15 [70] Recipe for Destruction.

Description Edit

Here it is, <name>. Take this phase disruptor and mount up! The Protecotrate nether drake will fly you close enough to Ultris so that you can drop the disruptor on top of the void conduit.

Drop as many disruptor charges as possible to ensure complete annihilation!

When you are ready, speak with the nether drake and he'll take you up.

If you miss the mark you will have to get more bombs from me before you can go up again.


Notes Edit

This can be done by flying mount and presumably druid flight form; the nether drake is provided for players who don't have access to either. The nether drake's loop takes 1 min 26 secs, and is a fun little static flight.

A druid is able to use flight form, however you will be knocked out of flight form and cannot return to flight form fast enough to save yourself from an undesirable splat.

Quest progressionEdit

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