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Horde 32 On Iron Pauldrons
StartOrokk Omosh
EndOrokk Omosh
Requires Level 32
Experience260-2,550 XP
or  at Level 110

Pre-Requisites Edit

Task Edit

Bring four Bronze Battle Axes and four Bronze Warhammers to Orokk Omosh in Orgrimmar.

Orokk sees the eagerness in your eyes, <name>. Like a sponge you soak in the wisdom of the Omosh.

Three lessons I shall teach!

Return to the anvil, soak in the heat of the forge, create for Orokk four Bronze Battle Axes and four Bronze Warhammers. Only then will you learn of the iron pauldron.

Reward Edit

Quest Chain Edit

Notes Edit

  • The plans for the battle axes and the hammers are learned from the trainer.
  • Before turning in this or the following quests, put into the bank any of the applicable "quest" items that may be enchanted or otherwise buffed, or he will take those first.
  • Breakdown of the materials needed:
88x Bronze Bar
44x Copper Bar
44x Copper Ore
44x Tin Bar
44x Tin Ore
8x Strong Flux
12x Medium Leather

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