Quest:On Guard in Stonetalon

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Alliance 32 On Guard in Stonetalon (1)
StartSentinel Thenysil
EndKaela Shadowspear
Requires Level 17
CategoryStonetalon Mountains
Experience825 XP
or 4Silver95Copper at Level 100
NextAlliance 15 [21] On Guard in Stonetalonω τ ϖ

Objectives Edit

Find Kaela Shadowspear overlooking the valley entering Windshear Crag in the Stonetalon Mountains.

Description Edit

Hello, <name>. You seem to be full of wanderlust by the looks of you. Have you been to the Stonetalon Mountains? It is a land plagued by the Venture Co. and other enemies of the night elves. Recently, Sentinel Wolfrunner sent my friend Kaela Shadowspear there to investigate what's happening to the land, but I have yet to hear word back from her. I'm even more concerned because the Alliance sent a gnome mage along with her... a sign of trouble for sure. Would you find her and report back to me?

Completion Edit

Ah, you've come from Ashenvale at the behest of Tara—how I miss her, my homeland and friends. She must be doing well with the Sentinels to be sequestering adventurers for other tasks. I'm proud of her. It is a pleasure to meet you, <name>.

Gains Edit

Upon completion of this quest you will gain:

Quest progression Edit

  1. Alliance 15 [21] On Guard in Stonetalon
  2. Alliance 15 [21] On Guard in Stonetalon
  3. Alliance 15 [21] A Gnome's Respite
  4. Complete the 2 3-part quest chains below to continue
  5. Alliance 15 [22] Covert Ops - Alpha
  6. Alliance 15 [22] Covert Ops - Beta
  7. Alliance 15 [22] Kaela's Update
  8. Alliance 15 [26] Enraged Spirits
  9. Alliance 15 [28] Wounded Ancients
  10. Alliance 15 [22] Update for Sentinel Thenysil
  11. Alliance 15 [28] Reception from Tyrande

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