Objectives Edit

Take Omarion's Handbook to Craftsman Wilhelm at Light's Hope Chapel in the Eastern Plaguelands.

Description Edit


If you are reading this, I have perished - finally. I want you to know that my dying thoughts revolved around you and your ineptitude when it comes to tradeskills. Unfortunately, the bearer of this handbook is in even worse shape than you in regards to crafting.

About the book: These are the rest of my recipes. Make the bearer of this book whatever they request. I'm sure you will charge a hefty fee for your services because you are, after all, a bastard.

In Disdain,



Is that what I think it is?

<Wilhelm appears to be drooling.>


He musta really been off his rocker when he wrote this! Omarion and I - we were thick as thieves!

Anyhow, this certainly opens up some new possibilities, <name>. I am now able to craft more items - for a small fee and material charges, of course.

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