This daily quest requires 475 jewelcrafting

Objectives Edit

Cut three Jagged Jaspers and give them to Alliance 15 Isabel Jones in Stormwind City.

Description Edit

I was supposed to receive a shipment of jasper from Azeroth Express, but I just heard their ship crashed into some tiny island called Ogrezonia. I worry about the crew, as the giant female ogres on the island are rumored to perform horrible rituals on men who happen upon their island. My work must go on, though, and we need those gems. I've heard great things about your skill as a jewelcrafter - could you deliver three jagged jaspers by the end of the day?

Quest progression Edit

Have you brought me the gems I need?

Completion Edit

Your work is as good as it is rumored to be!

Rewards Edit

16Gold 54Silver1 Inv misc token argentdawn3

Patch changes Edit

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