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Objectives Edit

Kill Noth the Plaguebringer.

This quest can be completed with any difficulty or size raid.

Description Edit

Noth the Plaguebringer, traitor and coward! Second only to the Lich King himself for the number of souls that have been Scourged!

Make haste to Naxxramas. You will find him within the Plague Quarter hiding behind his undead minions.

Destroy him! The Council of Six has decreed that Noth must die!

Rewards Edit

You will receive: 29Gold 60Silver
Inv misc frostemblem 01
5x [Emblem of Frost]
Spell holy summonchampion
5x [Emblem of Triumph]

Completion Edit

That's one less thorn in our side. With Noth destroyed, Scourge research into refining the means of creating the undead will grind to a halt.

Gains Edit

Notes Edit

This is one of the new weekly Raid Quests introduced in patch 3.3. This quest can be completed with any difficulty or size raid.

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